SSJ  3.2.1
Stochastic Simulation in Java
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 NchartsCharts generation
 NfunctionfitFunction fit utilities
 NfunctionsFunctions utilities
 NgofGoodness-of-fit test Statistics
 NhupsHighly Uniform Point Sets
 NmarkovchainrqmcClasses for the simulation of Markov chains with RQMC and Array-RQMC
 NprobdistProbability Distributions
 NprobdistmultiMultivariate Probability Distributions
 NrandvarGenerating Non-Uniform Random Numbers
 NrandvarmultiGenerating Random Vectors
 NrngRandom Number Generators
 NsimeventsSimulation Clock and Event List Management
 NstatTools for Collecting Statistics
 NstochprocessStochastic Processes
 NutilGeneral basic utilities