SSJ  3.3.1
Stochastic Simulation in Java
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CSan13DistThis class simulates a specific stochastic activity network with 9 nodes and 13 links, taken from Elmaghraby (1977) and used again in L'Ecuyer and Lemieux (2000), "Variance Reduction via Lattice Rules"
 NchartsCharts generation
 NdiscrepancyMethods to compute various types of discrepancies for quasi-Monte Carlo point sets
 NfunctionfitFunction fit utilities
 NfunctionsUnivariate functions as Java objects
 NgofGoodness-of-fit test Statistics
 NhupsHighly Uniform Point Sets
 NlatnetbuilderTools to search for good quasi-Monte Carlo point sets and sequences defined as integration lattices, polynomial lattices, and digital nets (and sequences)
 NmarkovchainrqmcTools to simulate Markov chains with the Array-RQMC method
 NmcqmctoolsTools for Simple Monte Carlo and Quasi-Monte Carlo Experiments
 NprobdistProbability distributions
 NprobdistmultiMultivariate Probability Distributions
 NrandvarGenerating Non-Uniform Random Numbers
 NrandvarmultiGenerating Random Vectors
 NrngRandom Number Generators
 NsimeventsSimulation Clock and Event List Management
 NsimexpTools for Simulation Experiments
 NstatTools for Collecting Statistics and computing some estimators
 NstochprocessStochastic Processes
 NutilGeneral basic utilities