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WELL607base Class Referenceabstract
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Public Member Functions

WELL607base clone ()
 Clones the current object and returns its copy. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from RandomStreamBase
abstract void resetStartStream ()
 Reinitializes the stream to its initial state \(I_g\): \(C_g\) and \(B_g\) are set to \(I_g\).
abstract void resetStartSubstream ()
 Reinitializes the stream to the beginning of its current substream: \(C_g\) is set to \(B_g\).
abstract void resetNextSubstream ()
 Reinitializes the stream to the beginning of its next substream: \(N_g\) is computed, and \(C_g\) and \(B_g\) are set to \(N_g\).
abstract String toString ()
 Returns a string containing the current state of this stream. More...
void increasedPrecision (boolean incp)
 After calling this method with incp = true, each call to the RNG (direct or indirect) for this stream will return a uniform random number with more bits of precision than what is returned by nextValue, and will advance the state of the stream by 2 steps instead of 1 (i.e., nextValue will be called twice for each random number). More...
double nextDouble ()
 Returns a uniform random number between 0 and 1 from the stream. More...
void nextArrayOfDouble (double[] u, int start, int n)
 Calls nextDouble n times to fill the array u. More...
int nextInt (int i, int j)
 Calls nextDouble once to create one integer between i and j. More...
void nextArrayOfInt (int i, int j, int[] u, int start, int n)
 Calls nextInt n times to fill the array u. More...
String formatState ()
 Use the toString method.
String formatStateFull ()
 Use the toStringFull method.
RandomStreamBase clone ()
 Clones the current generator and return its copy. More...

Protected Member Functions

void advanceSeed (int[] seed, int [] p)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from RandomStreamBase
abstract double nextValue ()
 This method should return the next random number (between 0 and 1) from the current stream. More...

Package Functions

int [] getState ()
String stringState ()
int nextInt ()

Static Package Functions

static void verifySeed (int seed[])

Package Attributes

int state_i
int [] state
int [] stream
int [] substream

Static Package Attributes

static final double NORM = (1.0 / 0x100000001L)
static final int R = 19
static final int BUFFER_SIZE = 32
static final int NUM_BITS = 608
static final int MASK_STATE = 0x0000001F
static final int W = 32
static final int P = 1
static final int MASKU = (0xffffffff >>> (W - P))
static final int MASKL = (~MASKU)
static final int M1 = 16
static final int M2 = 15
static final int M3 = 14
static final int R1 = 18
static final int R2 = 17
static final int w = 250
static final int v = 150

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from RandomStreamBase
String name = null
boolean prec53 = false
boolean anti = false
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from RandomStreamBase
static double invtwo24 = 5.9604644775390625e-8

Member Function Documentation

◆ clone()

WELL607base clone ( )

Clones the current object and returns its copy.

A deep copy of the current object

Implements CloneableRandomStream.

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