SSJ  3.3.1
Stochastic Simulation in Java
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Package umontreal.ssj.stat.list


package  lincv


interface  ArrayOfObservationListener
 Represents an object that can listen to observations broadcast by lists of statistical probes. More...
class  ListOfFunctionOfMultipleMeansTallies
 Represents a list of tally statistical collectors for a vector of functions of multiple means. More...
class  ListOfStatProbes
 Represents a list of statistical probes that can be managed simultaneously. More...
class  ListOfTallies
 Represents a list of tally statistical collectors. More...
class  ListOfTalliesWithCovariance
 Extends ListOfTallies to add support for the computation of the sample covariance between each pair of elements in a list, without storing all observations. More...

Detailed Description

Provides support for lists of statistical probes. Sometimes, a simulator computes several related performance measures such as the quality of service for different call types in a phone call center, the waiting times of different types of customers, the average number of pieces of different types a machine processes, etc. A list of statistical probes, in contrast with an ordinary array, can be resized. Since a list of statistical probes implements the Java List interface, one can iterate over each probe, e.g., to set reporting options. In addition to an ordinary list, a list of probes provides facilities to get a vector of averages, a vector of sums, and to create reports.

In Java, a list is usually constructed empty, and filled with items. Lists of statistical probes can be constructed this generic way, or created using factory methods that automatically construct the probes.

umontreal.ssj.stat.list.ListOfStatProbes is the base class for lists of statistical probes. It can hold a list of any umontreal.ssj.stat.StatProbe subclass, and provides the basic facilities to obtain an array of sums, an array of averages, etc. Subclasses provide probe-specific functionalities for adding vectors of observations, computing sample covariances, etc. umontreal.ssj.stat.list.ListOfTallies is used to contain umontreal.ssj.stat.Tally instances. A subclass, umontreal.ssj.stat.list.ListOfTalliesWithCovariance, is provided to add support for covariance computation without storing observations. The umontreal.ssj.stat.list.ListOfFunctionOfMultipleMeansTallies is available to regroup umontreal.ssj.stat.FunctionOfMultipleMeansTally objects.

All classes in this package representing lists of probes support the observer design pattern similarly to the classes in package stat. A list of statistical probes maintains a list of registered umontreal.ssj.stat.list.ArrayOfObservationListener objects, and broadcasts information to all its registered observers when it receives a new vector of observations. Any object that implements the interface umontreal.ssj.stat.list.ArrayOfObservationListener can register as an observer.