SSJ  3.3.1
Stochastic Simulation in Java
Package umontreal.ssj.stat.matrix


class  MatrixOfFunctionOfMultipleMeansTallies
 Represents a matrix of statistical collectors for functions of multiple means. More...
interface  MatrixOfObservationListener
 Represents an object that can listen to observations broadcast by matrices of statistical probes. More...
class  MatrixOfStatProbes
 Represents a matrix of statistical probes that can be managed simultaneously. More...
class  MatrixOfTallies
 Represents a matrix of tally statistical collectors. More...

Detailed Description

Provides facilities to construct and manage rectangular 2D arrays of statistical probes. Sometimes, lists of statistical probes provided by the package umontreal.ssj.stat.list are not sufficient. For example, statistics can be obtained for different types of customers in different periods, for different parts of various machines, etc. In some cases, this can be managed by encoding the observations in lists, but matrices offer reporting facilities for rows and columns.

In contrast with a list of statistical probes which is constructed empty and in which probes are added, a matrix of statistical probes is created with predefined dimensions, and a probe is affected to each cell. A cell of a matrix is located by a row and a column. Alternatively, some classes of this package provide factory methods that constructs a matrix, and fills it with newly-constructed statistical probes.

The umontreal.ssj.stat.matrix.MatrixOfStatProbes class represents a matrix of statistical probes providing facilities to get matrices of sums, matrices of averages, and to format a report for a specified row or column. It provides various ways to access the internal statistical probes. First, a get method can return a probe corresponding to a cell \((r, c)\). A matrix of probes also provides an iterator method that returns an iterator for traversing every probe row by row. One can also use the umontreal.ssj.stat.matrix.MatrixOfStatProbes.viewRow and umontreal.ssj.stat.matrix.MatrixOfStatProbes.viewColumn methods to obtain lists corresponding to rows or columns of the matrix.

The package defines one subclass for each type of probe. The umontreal.ssj.stat.matrix.MatrixOfTallies can be used to manage a group of tallies, and to add values to each one using a single method call. The umontreal.ssj.stat.matrix.MatrixOfFunctionOfMultipleMeansTallies is available to regroup umontreal.ssj.stat.FunctionOfMultipleMeansTally objects.

All classes in this package representing matrices of probes support the observer design pattern similarly to the classes in package stat. A matrix of statistical probes maintains a list of registered umontreal.ssj.stat.matrix.MatrixOfObservationListener objects, and broadcasts information to all its registered observers when it receives a new matrix of observations. Any object that implements the interface umontreal.ssj.stat.matrix.MatrixOfObservationListener can register as an observer.