SSJ  3.2.1
Stochastic Simulation in Java
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Here are the packages with brief descriptions (if available):
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 NchartsCharts generation
 NfunctionfitFunction fit utilities
 NfunctionsFunctions utilities
 NgofGoodness-of-fit test Statistics
 NhupsHighly Uniform Point Sets
 NmarkovchainrqmcClasses for the simulation of Markov chains with RQMC and Array-RQMC
 NprobdistProbability Distributions
 NprobdistmultiMultivariate Probability Distributions
 NnortaThis package implements the correlation matching algorithms proposed in [11]  for the situation where one wants to use the NORTA method to fit a multivariate distribution with discrete marginals
 NrandvarGenerating Non-Uniform Random Numbers
 NrandvarmultiGenerating Random Vectors
 NrngRandom Number Generators
 NsimeventsSimulation Clock and Event List Management
 NeventlistThis package provides different kinds of event list implementations
 NstatTools for Collecting Statistics
 NstochprocessStochastic Processes
 NutilGeneral basic utilities
 NioThis package provides tools for exporting data to text and binary files, as well as for importing data from files
 NsortThis package contains classes for sorting, in particular to sort multi-dimensional points